1. How can AMD Customer Engineering Education Center (AMD CE) help me ?
    AMD CE leverages its worldwide engineering resources to provide AMD ODM partners with customized trainings to update them with latest AMD technologies and in the end facilitate theri development on AMD platforms.
  2. What kinds of trainings do you post on AMD CE Website ?
    The trainings we provide are in line with AMD Product Roadmap. And we also have trainer from AMD worldwide to bring in the frist-hand information.
  3. How to become a member of AMD CE Website ? How to get the training information ?
    You need to register online by filling in all the information as required to become a member. Being a member, you will be able to check our site for all our exclusive training information !
  4. What if we have other training requests ?
    Besides trainings that are in line with AMD Product Roadmap, we are more than happy to customize our trainings for our partners. Drop us an email should you have any training requests.
  5. Is registration complex?
    Members registered from AMD CE Website (English Version) cannot register for trainings for now as all trainings are deployed in Chinese.
  6. Is there a feature for user interaction on AMD CE Website ?
    Yes. You can log onto our Message Board to compare notes with other members, Make the most of it !
  7. How come the same training course happens in different places like Taipei, Shanghai, and Shenzhen ?
    To better support AMD ODM partners throughout Greater China Area, AMD CE provides training local to where they are.