Event Summary

We truly appreciate your support in design of all AMD platform, believe all these planned projects are smooth in line of production as well as 2015 Carrizo product. This APU is not only SOC but also highly improved CPU and GPU performance at same time, its performance has better than all previous generation in AMD platform! Especially is power saving function. We tweaked every power budget as we could, even very small power source in schematic, plus the CTDP function. This APU can do best power saving also can configure its power to max, by the way, it is only 28nm technology, so you can see that is not easy to power saving control to little watt by this technology, that was telling you how work hard in AMD RD site. Moving on 2016, our Zen core architect is coming soon, its multi-thread and buffer design are all redesign. Upgrade t0 FinFET technology, absolutely it will be a shining star.

EDC has accomplished 2016 Bristol and Stoney Ridge training courses, as well as R16M course, trust those participants were able to download the tailor-made and fully explaining slides/guidance,

if you have any questions, please email us or leave them at Q/A Forum ! Especially, we have formally launched Postal Tuition Course which means you can train yourselves by viewing the slide on your own way ! AMD product portfolio will become more and more exciting, such like Lego Transformer or Magical Sparklers to implement all multi-functional features at one product. We have viewed it at first place, so knowing it is worthwhile recommended for your evaluation ! Again, EDC Website is always open up to your valuable input, please do spend some time on clicking it and voting a “good button” ! If you desire to understand what kind of training curriculum we might host before, there is a site so called Finished Course for you to find out interesting details behind …..